Why sell with us

Low commission fees

We only charge 4% per transaction when a sale completes. No listing fees, no monthly fees, no signup fees, that’s it.

Expand effortlessly

Add an online store in minutes for an additional revenue stream.

Reach the right audience

A website designed for parts attracting the ideal buyer.

Secure online payments

The AfterMarket utilizes financial escrow and payment service provider Tradesafe, an authorized Third-Party Payment Provider with the Payment Association of South Africa (PASA).

Reduced risk of fraud

Through the platform, the money is in the middle which protects both the buyer and the seller.

Transaction status

All parties are notified at each stage of the transaction process.

Shipping made easy

Configure courier costs which charges the buyer automatically on checkout.

Easy interaction

Your customers can contact you through our platform so we don't disrupt the journey.

Marketing benefit

Whether you’re an individual selling parts or a dealer, benefit from all our marketing channels.

How to get started

Tap the button below to register a seller account, configure your settings in your dashboard and start adding products.