The AfterMarket is a marketplace where anyone can buy or sell parts using an online payment gateway and get it delivered to their door anywhere in South Africa, no more meeting with strangers in dodgy locations. The buyer and seller agree to the terms of the transaction online.

Sellers pay 4% per transaction on a sale. There are no listing fees, no monthly fees, no signup fees, that’s it.

All funds are safeguarded in escrow by Tradesafe, an authorized Third Party Payment Provider with the Payment Association of South Africa (PASA) with license nr SP001191. The funds are in the middle protecting both the buyer and the seller.

Payment methods include Manual/Instant EFT, debit or credit cards.

Yes, please send us a message on the 'Contact us' page so we can change your profile to a seller account.

A notification will be sent when the funds are received and cleared. Please wait for this confirmation before supplying the goods.

Depending on the courier certain restrictions may apply. Please check with your courier first before listing an item.

When the buyer accepts the order on The AfterMarket platform or the ECD (expected completion date) expires.

Every trade has an Expected Completion Date. The ECD is the date which the transaction is expected to be completed. In essence, it is the date where the buyer is compelled to either accept or reject the goods, he/she has received from the seller.

If the Buyer doesn't respond by this date, an attempt will be made to contact the Buyer. If unsuccessful, it may be deemed as an acceptance on the Buyer's part which may authorise TradeSafe to release the funds to the Seller.

The identities of both the buyer and seller are required by South Africa's Financial Intelligence Centre Act 38 of 2001 (FICA) and verified by our payment provider Tradesafe.

When we don't have the required information from a seller for a safe transaction, the ADD TO CART button is removed. You can still message the seller by scrolling down to the Inquiries tab on the product page.