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To register as a buyer, go to My Account (Sign up) and select the new account tab from the Login page. Fill out your details, select 'Buyer' as a role and click 'Create account'.

Searching for parts

  • Search bar: Use the search bar at the top to type in a keyword. Suggestions will appear as you type.
  • Category search: Search parts by category using the category menus at the top of the page.
  • Shop now: To see all the listings select the ‘Shop now’ button at the bottom on the main page. Here you can use the filters on the left to narrow down your selection.

Placing your order

Message the seller from the Inquiries tab to find out if the part is still available. Make sure you’ve reviewed the part thoroughly from the description and photos provided before buying.

  • Add parts to your cart as you find them from suppliers. At this stage we can only support purchases from one seller at a time. If buying from multiple sellers we suggest you add the items to your wishlist, from here you can add them to the cart per seller.
  • When ready for payment, click on your cart and proceed to checkout.
  • On successful payment, the orders will be sent to all suppliers.

Managing your order

When you buy a part, the funds are held in an escrow account until you’ve received your order. Payment is released when you indicate acceptance on the platform.

To manage your order:

  • Login to your account and select the orders tab.
  • Here you can select the options for each order:
    • View: See details of the order
    • Accept: Once you’ve received the order and accept it as it was specified.
    • Extend: Extend the period for delivery.
    • Decline: If you received the order and it is not as specified.

Remember to rate the seller on the platform once you've received your order.

If you've registered as a buyer and would like to sell parts as well, please send us a message on the 'Contact us' page so we can change your profile to a seller account.

Every seller will have their own online shop referred to as a store. From there you can add products, fulfill orders and adjust settings related to your store. Welcome to the world of online selling!

To start selling, follow these 3 steps:

Step 1: Registration

To register as a seller, go to My Account (Sign up) and select the new account tab from the Login page. Fill out your details, select 'Seller' as a role and click 'Create account'.

Step 2: Setup your online shop

Once you’ve registered, you'll be taken to the 'Store Manager'. Here you'll manage everything regarding your store. Navigate to the 'Settings' tab to adjust settings related to your store.

Step 3: Add your products

Select 'Products' and click the add new button .

For more detailed information consult the 'Knowledgebase' from your Store manager.

Sellers are responsible for shipping their products to the buyer. You’ll need to define shipping costs in the shipping section of your dashboard. When the buyer selects your item and adds it to their cart, shipping cost will be calculated to their location and charged on checkout based on the costs you’ve setup.

Choosing a courier

You have complete freedom on which courier to use. If you have your own courier already you’ll have a good idea on the shipping costs to setup.

If you don’t have a courier account, The Courier Guy has a very handy online quoting system where you can get an instant quote on shipping your product to different provinces. Alternatively you can sign up for a one rate national package, for packages up to a certain size

If you don't want to go the courier route, Postnet2Postnet can ship packages up to 15kg volumetric weight. You simply drop off your packaged part to your closest Postnet and give them the buyers details. You can view their costs here

Shipping costs

Shipping is disabled by default. To enable shipping go to your Store manager->Settings->Shipping. You can define shipping costs for the following:

  • A flat rate across South Africa.
  • Per product additional price.
  • Per quantity additional price.
  • Free shipping over a minimum order amount.
  • Per province additional cost.
  • Distance based shipping.

For more detailed information consult the Knowledgebase in your Store manager.

Things to remember

  • Always use the packaged dimensions and weight.
  • There might be restrictions on what a courier will ship. Contact the courier if you’re unsure.
  • Most couriers include insurance for new items but not second hand items.

If you’re looking for a specific part which isn’t listed on the platform you can send a request to all the sellers registered on The AfterMarket.

Simply click on ‘Wanted products’ at the bottom of the website in the footer section. Fill out your details as requested and we’ll send you an email when a seller has listed the part you’re looking for.

All sales are final once the buyer has accepted the order on the platform. If you decline the order we ask you to act in good faith.

Returns are firmly agreed upon in the Policies between the buyer and seller. If the goods received are not as described in the contract/agreement you will have the opportunity to renegotiate the terms on the platform.

If it is agreed to return the goods to the seller, the buyer is responsible for returning the goods and for the cost associated with the return.

To initiate a return:

  • First contact the seller directly. The customer support details can be found in your order email.
  • If it is agreed to return the goods, login to your account, navigate to the orders tab and select decline for that order.
  • If it is agreed to return the goods, the seller must arrange for a courier to collect.
  • If the seller accepts the return, the buyer will be refunded less fees.

Alternatively, consider listing the item back on the platform.